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It’s 8AM, Monday morning, and all I can think about is that I have to wake up at 3:45AM tomorrow and Wednesday. Luckily I have Thursday off…but still. Uggghhhhh.

Is it 5PM Wednesday yet?

Girly Post:

New shoes! And yes, go ahead and mock me for buying “Fergalicious” sandals but, fuck it, I love them. The flats are super cute, too.

/girly post



Oh and we lost our volleyball game…barely :(


I. Am. SO. Excited about tomorrow! The Austin Sports and Social Club’s Fall Indoor Volleyball season starts! We play at 6PM. I’m a little nervous because I haven’t played since high school but I think it’ll be fine. I’m playing with someone I played with in high school which makes me a little less nervous. 

excited excited excited excited excited!

Bump, Set, Drink!

Big Brother 12

I hate Kristin. I hate her more than Rachel.

Yeah, I said it.


Waa Waa

So apparently my reproductive organs are damaged and it’s “very likely” that I wont be able to conceive…ever. 

I don’t know how I feel. Pretty sure I’m bummed*.

Way bummed*


So I was on my way to make another boring healthy smoothie and all of a sudden this bear —->  pops out of the closet and he’s like “you have the most boring facebook posts. Write about me and this here arm I have in my mouth instead of that boring shake you’re about to make because the ‘i’m eating healthy food’ = real boring.”


I’m back! There will be a lot of catch-up updates coming soon and I’ll be starting the 365 Picture Project today too. I know you are all super relieved to read this.

No time for a legit post now - I need to make my protein choc/PB/banana shake :)

I accidently stumbled upon this band last night at A Hole In The Wall and it was amazing. 

Random Photos and July 4th

Some photos from the 3rd of July:

I made migas for me and my mom.

I’m super stoked about these Green Bags I bought. 

All my supps n’ vitamins. I was excited about my protein isolate. The little things.

My workout logs for May, June and July.

Omelettes w/ toast are my usual breakfast on workout days (basically every day) and I finally got around to snapping a shot of my heavily cilantro-ed (YUM) eggs w/ tomatoes, onion, minced garlic and turkey.

After I added southwest salsa:

I had a surprisingly fun 4th of July. Lots and lots of good food, jello shots, family, water slide (that I went down in my dress), fireworks in a graveyard, HIMYM. The only downside is that I have a few ant bites and it feels like there’s a bruise on my back. It was worth it though.

I meant to take pictures but I only ended up with 3 bad fireworks shots. Oh well.

See ya, bitches.